About ShieldCoat

Dedicated To Excellence And The Beauty And Protection Of Your Biggest Asset.

Established in 1996, Shieldcoat is a boutique manufacturer of safe and innovative coating products. Designed specifically to protect homes from the unpredictable Australian weather, we offer an impressive range of products from roof coatings to renders, driveway protection, heat-proof and water-proof coatings and more.

Our standards of customer service are renown, and you’ll always feel taken care of. No matter what your needs or your reason for contacting or visiting us, our team of experts will provide you with valuable information and help guide you to an informed decision.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement means our plans for research and development into newer, better, more innovative products have no end date. Our scientists are constantly testing and enhancing our existing product lines, and working on new protective coatings and surfaces, designed to keep domestic and commercial external and internal surfaces protected and looking beautiful, even in the harsh Australian climate.

Likeminded Painters Australia are pleased to be partnered with Shieldcoat as and look forward to our joint venture and facilitating our members in becoming more profitable.