About PainPod


As Painters, we all experience those niggling sore spots from time to time, sort neck after rolling ceilings for hours on end, aching knees and legs from climbing scaffolding or squatting to paint skirting boards and the list of pain points could go on forever.


Well, the great news is Clayton Coughlan, and Likeminded Painters Australia is pleased to announce that we have partnered with PainPod to give not just our members the chance to purchase one of these outstanding devices but, the entire painting community the opportunity to get some help at a discounted price. Why is this offer available to everyone and not just members? Well, when it comes to your health and wellbeing, we don’t believe that’s something that should be restricted to any one group. Everybody should have access to it.


This is no gimmick, “but wait, theres more” type of device you see on late night or daytime TV


This is, for real, Pain Relief In The Palm Of Your Hand.


While the technique PainPod uses might sound complicated — TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation — it’s actually a simple process. Using special electrodes, PainPod sends small electrical pulses through the skin (“Transcutaneous”) of the affected area. This prevents or reduces any nerve-related pain signals being sent to the brain. But these same impulses come with a second benefit. They also stimulate the body to produce natural (vs opioid-based) pain relievers called endorphins2, giving you two drug-free pain relievers for the price of one!

The big question many people have when they see the PainPod is: “Does this really work?”. Well, the short answer is yes. And the long answer… absolutely! Dozens of studies set in clinical and real-life situations have proven this3. Plus, it’s suitable for people of all ages, and is so simple to use that you can start feeling the difference within a few minutes.


To find out more about this device click on this link and use our code: LPAPOD20 for a storewide discount of 20%





Likeminded Painters Australia are pleased to be partnered with PainPod and look forward to our joint venture and facilitating our members in becoming more profitable.