Business Insurance Cover Services


Likeminded Painters Australia have partnered with Business Insurance Cover Services this now allows Likeminded Painters to support all our members and assist them with all their general insurance needs.

Business Insurance Cover Services Pty Ltd (BICS) is a Brisbane based business insurance broker specialist.

They pride ourselves on responsible and consultative broking for the protection of your business. When you choose LPA partner BICS as your insurance broker, you will be receiving personalised service as a Authorised Representative of one of Australia’s Largest Broker Networks (Community Broker Network) who are members of Steadfast.

Their approach is to get to know you and your business first and foremost, understand your profile to risk and work through a consultative and educational approach. This allows the opportunity to uncover all types of issues, not just risk and insurance focused, so we can work together to find the best answers and solution.

This special price insurance is open to all businesses in the Australian Painting & Decorating Industry with extra discount for financial LPA members.

We fully endorse Partner Business Insurance Cover Services to be your choice for clear and concise advice when looking to protect your business and your valuable assets.
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