About Likeminded Painters


What is a Buying Group?

A Buying Group is a membership-based organisation that pulls together the combined buying power of all its members to negotiate discounts with suppliers.

Likeminded Painters Australia negotiates with suppliers to establish discounted national pricing for the members we represent. As a member, you purchase directly from the suppliers at that discounted price.

You deal with the suppliers direct, including opening accounts and making payments. No money comes through Likeminded Painters Australia.

We will provide you with information about how to access the discounted prices – some suppliers require an account while some accept cash purchases quoting a discount code or showing your membership card.


Our Story

Likeminded Painters Australia began in 2014 with a simple idea; create a hub of painting businesses that leverage product knowledge, insight and buying power to deliver greater value to each business in the group.

Our founder, Clayton Coughlan (aka ‘Coggie’) is a very passionate individual and has worked hard on his idea. With a foundation built on trust, integrity and longstanding relationships, Likeminded Painters Australia will quickly built a reputation of providing value to members by leveraging the power of one buying group.

Into the future , Likeminded Painters Australia plans to continue to deliver value to its members by connecting them to the right suppliers, providing the right solutions at the right price. Our members will start to enjoy immediate savings from the moment they join.


Our Vision

To use our collective strengths to improve member’s buying prices and maximise member’s returns, whilst not interfering with member’s ability to stay in control of their own business.

Therefore giving you the redeem of choice regarding the degree and level of exposure to which you may want to expose your business to any or all of our suppliers.


All Values 2

Our Beliefs

At Likeminded Painters Australia, we believe that businesses should:

• Have access to a trusted Business Partner.
• Leverage the power of aggregated buying.
• Gain knowledge from our business partners.
• Learn from the Likeminded Painters Australia network and events.
• Have information & insight at their fingertips.
• Be rewarded financially for the right behaviour.
• Access pre-negotiated deals to save time and money.


Our People

Likeminded Painters Australia team is unashamedly passionate about what we do. We love what we do so much because:

• We are the business.
• We understand the Painting Industry.
• We value long term business relationships built on delivering value.
• We enjoy sharing knowledge and watching members develop.
• We help businesses buy smarter and improve their bottom line.


Our Service

It does not matter how big or how small you are, nor does it matter which part of Australia you operate in, our people have the know-how to help improve your business. Your dedicated Likeminded Painters Australia Partner will take the time to understand your business and provide you the right advice to ensure you take advantage of the savings on offer.

Once you have achieved the initial benefits, your Business Partner will contactable to continue to work with you on an ongoing basis. We will help you to take advantage of opportunities to save time, save money and improve your business for years to come.

This approach and our commitment to operating with the utmost integrity is why we have been able to secure suppliers to help you grow your Business profitability.


How does it work?

Every company spends money on expenses such as office products, tools, hire, travel, insurance, accessories , fuels, etc. Although at times sometimes small, these expenses usually add up to a large percent of company turnover yet few companies have time to manage these expenses.

Likeminded Painters Australia leverage our members combined buying power to negotiate pricing with the right suppliers. Members gain access and prices are usually firm for fixed periods giving customers assurity and manageability against these variable expenses.


What do Likeminded Painters Australia do?

Members access great deals from suppliers that have been selected based on service quality, national footprint and passion for working with our members. With a Likeminded Painters Australia membership you can expect above and beyond treatment across all of our product and service categories.


Save Money

We pre-negotiate with our suppliers based on the combined buying power of our members. This aggregated spend allows our members to have access to pricing at better rates than they could negotiate on their own. Once a member joins they get instant access to Likeminded Painters Australia pricing so the savings start immediately.


Save Time

Most business don’t have the resources to negotiate individual deals across all non-core expense categories. Handling all of these deals yourself often requires more cost in terms of resource than savings that can be achieved through multiple negotiations. Price negotiations also take time to plan, evaluate and implement. Savings through Likeminded Painters Australia can be implemented quickly and easily.